Disney Costumes

No one knows how to play dress-up and pretend better than Disney. From Cinderella, Dumbo, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, to Ariel, The Incredibles and the princesses from Frozen, Disney has been creating loveable, heroic characters for decades. And their loyal fans have followed them for just as long. We've got a full assortment of Disney costumes for children and adults, as well as infants and pets, in our TV and Movie Category. Maleficent will be the popular bewitching look this season and we've got full costumes for women and girls, along with accessories to complete your look. Disney's Frozen is the blockbuster movie everyone's fallen in love with, and we've got plenty of costumes to please princesses big and little. The men in your family can find naughty nautical inspiration in a Captain Jack Sparrow costume. Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story have become classic favorites on the Halloween scene. Whether you want super hero, prince, or beast, you'll find something fun for your Halloween parties. We've got princess wigs and magic wands, pirate's swords and cowboy hats — all the accessories you can imagine to recreate your favorite Disney character. Let the magic of Walt Disney inspire you to get creative and use your imagination.

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