Animals and Bugs

Lions and tiger and bears … oh my! From the furry to the winged, we have all the animal and bug costumes children and adults will need to show up for a costume party in style. You can go for the expected premium rabbit costume for Easter, or surprise someone at a party in our red three-headed hydra dragon costume. Need to cheer on the home team at a basketball or football game? Be sure to check out our bulldog mascot costume! We have great ideas for under-the-sea creatures like our king adult crab costume, and we can even help you portray mythical creatures like Big Foot. From adorable infant costumes that will make you saw, "Aww," to adult costumes that will have everyone guessing who's hiding behind the mask, we'll turn you into any of the creatures found in the animal kingdom. Be sure to include your family pet in the costumed fun. Start teaching Fido to roar, and he'll be the king of the African safari while dressed in our Animal Planet Lion dog costume. Don’t know what you want to be yet? Look through our large costume selection of animal and bug costumes to help you choose something great.
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